When: January 16, 2016 Soup Runs in Our Veins, Saturday 4 - 6 p.m.
Where: The Commissary, 1400 Dublin Road

At Souper Heroes, we love running and love soup. But doing those two things together is not such a wise choice. So we’ve come up with a better idea!

Girls on the Run joins us to create a line up of parent/child soup making teams. Click here - http://www.souperheroes.org/soup-sign-up/ - to serve alongside them and create a family memory that helps other families put food on their tables. No age limit to your parent/child team so sign up today.

So come to our Souper Family Friendly venue, eat complimentary homemade soups and bread and feel free to contribute to this month’s Donation Slow Cooker being dedicated to The Mid-Ohio Foodbank. For more information click through to - http://www.souperheroes.org/soup-bread/

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